What is an uncontested divorce? A video explanation.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?  In my practice, I get this question all the time.  It is almost never accurate.  A common occurrence is confusion between an Uncontested and a Simple Divorce.  See my blog post on Simple Divorce, "Simplified Divorce Explained." Please see our YouTube channel, "Your South Florida Lawyer, Patrick J. McGeehan," for more videos explaining legal concepts in easy to understand Read More

Simplified Divorce Explained?

In Florida, for example, we have a streamed lined process called a Simplified Divorce. A Simplified Divorce is much faster than the usual divorce process, which can take months. For example, if your marriage is short and there are no assets, and you meet the requirements for a Simplified Divorce, this might be for you. So what are the requirements for a simplified divorce? 1. The Petition for Dissolution of Read More

The NFL and Domestic Violence

  The NFL and domestic violence make strange but understandable bedfellows.  I know from my experience as a police officer and an attorney that domestic violence crosses all social and economic boundaries.  I have arrested, represented and defended people accused of domestic violence and who were victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is everywhere throughout our society. Domestic violence affects Read More

How long does a divorce take? A video explanation.

How long will my divorce take?  I get this question all the time, from every client and potential client.  In this video, I answer that often asked question. Please see our YouTube channel, "Your South Florida Lawyer, Patrick J. McGeehan," for more videos explaining legal concepts in easy to understand terms. Return to our blog! Read More


Last Sunday morning, Denise Marsh was riding her bicycle with friends when she was involved in a fatal accident, reports local10.com. This case illustrates several points I made in a previous article involving a fatal police car crash. Don’t think a fatal accident can happen to you? Look at the two people involved in this fatal accident, a 53-year-old mother of two riding her bicycle and a 33-year-old woman Read More


Fatal traffic accidents are a common occurrence in South Florida.  As a Miami-Dade Police Traffic Homicide Detective, I investigated thousands of traffic accidents.  Many of them were fatal traffic accidents, and a number of them involved police vehicles.  When a police officer is involved, it makes the news as this recent one did. Not surprisingly, there is an extra level of scrutiny applied to police involved fatal Read More

Children and Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month 90% of parents who are victims of domestic violence believe their children are unaware of it.  However, interviews with the children revealed that 90% were aware of domestic violence in the home, according to The Childhood Domestic Violence Association.   "The impact of Childhood Domestic Violence can be lifelong in terms of physical and mental health Read More

Stalking and Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Stalking and domestic violence go hand in hand. There is nothing that causes more fear than having someone stalk you.  Just imagine, someone lurking around your home or office spying on you is unbearable.  You are always looking over your shoulder for that one person.  Stalking can cause a person's life to change dramatically overnight. Read More

How to File for a Domestic Violence Injunction

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month I received a lot of emails last week asking how to file Domestic Violence Injunction (Requesting Restraining Order).  A domestic violence injunction, or restraining order, is a court order that prohibits a person, the respondent, from doing harm to the petitioner, the person who requests the injunction.  A domestic violence injunction requires the respondent to stay Read More

CIT Training for Law Enforcement is Saving Lives.

CIT Training is saving lives! Many of my family law and criminal cases involve parties with various mental-health issues.  Most importantly, these issues complicate the resolution of their legal matters. Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a week-long law enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. The training provides law enforcement officers with the tools they needed to deal with mental Read More

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