I am Your Lawyer!

Thank you for visiting my website. There are many lawyers out there that want to represent you and I am one of them. Most lawyers know the court systems well enough to represent you. So what sets your lawyer apart from all the rest? My level and type of service sets me apart. I practice in the most emotional, stressful, and frightful area of law, criminal defense and personal injury. I am a trial lawyer, I like to go to court.

As a former Miami-Dade police officer, police instructor, and detective, I have made arrests for drug trafficking, sexual battery, DUI, drugs, domestic violence, and a host of other crimes. I have investigated death cases, fatal auto accidents, and other major crimes. I have mediated custody disputes on the streets, help victims find shelter and other services, and delivered babies in the back seats of cars.

I know what happens to real people in real life. I also know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I do not care who, what, when, where or how, if you call me with a problem I will jump on it and help you! I do not care if it is Sunday night or Wednesday afternoon, I will help you. I am here for you.

“I am Your Best Friend at Your Worst Times”

Now how can I help you?