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I am your South Florida Lawyer! A lawyer is a lawyer, is a lawyer, they say. What sets your lawyer apart from all the other lawyers out there? I'll tell you what sets us apart, our level and type of service. I am the anti-lawyer lawyer.

I practice in the most emotional, stressful, and contentious areas of law that most lawyers hate.

I do not care who, what, when or how, if you call me with a criminal or family law case I will jump right on it.

I do not care if it is midnight, a Sunday afternoon or any other time, if you have a legal issue I am here for you.

"I am your best friend at your worst times!"

Our Practice Areas


Family Law

Attorney Patrick McGeehan has helped many clients throughout the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach areas through all types of family law situations.

Criminal Law

Patrick J. McGeehan spent most of his career as a police officer, and can put that experience to work for you. He knows what to look for to prove your innocence.

Personal Injury

Attorney Patrick McGeehan will work with you to go through every detail of the case, and make the strongest possible arguments to secure you a just reward.

Our Blog

Prenuptial Agreement: How to keep love from biting you in the ....

Love is grand, but divorce is brutal.   Here comes that rabid divorce dog! Could the person you love turn against you and bite you like a rabid dog? Of course, but you can protect yourself from the divor

DUI Breath Machine: To Blow or Not to Blow? A Video Explination?.

If you are stopped for by the police for suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida, should you blow into the DUI Breath Machine or not? I get asked this question at almost every social event I atte

Modification of Final Judgment

Is your family law case in need of a Modification of Final Judgment? When the Court finalizes your divorce, paternity, or child support case, there is a Final Judgment entered. The Final Judgment is a Cour

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Free Resource

Hindering Your Chances: 8 Key Ways a Criminal Record Can Impact Your Family Law Dispute

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Our Clients

Not only is Pat a great lawyer but he is also a great person. Calm demeanor, honest, straight forward. Pat was always there for me when I needed him. Pat is always willing to help others. Pat will always put your interests first. Pat’s knowledge and experience speak for themselves. Very professional…
Robert S
I was going through a nasty divorce and Pat was a steady hand through the entire process. When my soon to be ex-wife and her attorney filed a bogus injunction against me to have me removed from the residence, Pat immediately fired back and had forced them to back off. He is a smart attorney and that’…
When you retain Patrick, you’re getting more than just a lawyer – you’re getting a very giving, caring, humanitarian. His in-depth knowledge of the legal system and his investigative skills which he developed in the Miami-Dade Homicide Bureau as a Senior Homicide Investigator are second to none. His…
Gary K
I cannot thank you enough Patrick for your assistance with my child support case. Your expertise was helpful and effective in my court ordered agreeement.
Rebeca G
I had a child support (family divorce) case from 1999 which my ex failed to pay child support. Over the years my children turned 18 and became adults and the State eventually closed the case but he was left owing me over $40,000 and the state attorney’s office advised me the only recourse I had was …
Patrick is a phenomenal lawyer. He is knowledgeable, and will represent your case in the best way possible. He is active with his clients and truly cares about their well-being.
Ashley M
Patrick basically made my life incredibly less difficult and much less catastrophic in getting a ridiculously unjustified criminal charge dismissed. He also represented me in a civil trial. As previously stated, Patrick tells you what he charges and that is what it is. Unlike other lawyers who charg…
Attorney Pactrick, Johnny and I would like to thank you for a job well done. Not only were you nice to us, you were nice to the ones who brought charges against my husband.
Mr. McGeehan is very professional and dedicated to his law practice. He is diligent in his work and strives to provide his clients with excellent legal advice and representation. I highly recommend Mr. McGeehan and his firm for all legal matters.
Mayra R
I am an attorney who has referred several cases to Patrick. Everyone I have referred has contacted me to thank me for introducing them to Patrick. He’s always done a great job and will continue to do so in the future. Well done Patrick!
David S
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