Stress and Divorce, Management is Key.

Managing Stress and Divorce
Managing Stress and Divorce

Being successful at managing stress and divorce is paramount.  

It is no secret, stress and divorce go hand in hand.  The ability to manage stress and divorce cannot be overstated. Added to that, allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or a host of other horrible claims and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed.  However, this stress can be successfully managed with some effort.

Commonly, people are desperate for information at the beginning of a family law case.  It is not uncommon for one to obsessively search for information. They search the web, ask friends for advice, or peruse bookstore titles on divorce.  I have seen it time and time again, clients who come to me so stressed they are in tears.  They were served with a divorce petition three days ago, and they are already stressed out about how much child support will be.  

If this is you, the first step is to STOP!  

Stop driving yourself nuts searching for information.  Pause, take a deep breath and disconnect.  You have already begun to reduce your stress level be hiring a lawyer.  Your lawyer can answer your questions and “what ifs.”  I have found that giving a client a step by step guide of how the divorce process works and what they can expect at each step works wonders for their sanity.  Also, I give my client’s tasks to complete with a list of “to dos.”  Ususally, the tasks help immensely not only with their stress level, but it also helps them understand the process better.

 Down the Road.

 A year from now they will be in a much better place.  Divorce is a stressful, cloudy, and dark place. But, in the end, it is manageable and entirely survivable. The storm will clear, I promise you that.   I always remind and reassure my clients that we will get through this process together, no matter what happens they will be OK.

Most clients call me or email me a few months after we close their case and tell me how well they are doing.  Nearly all clients feel they are in a much better place and have a much better quality of life.  

Take a deep breath, you will be fine.  

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