Family Law Mediation: What is it? When is it? How is it?

At some point in your divorce case, you will attend mediation before a trial or final hearing.  So what is family law mediation?   Family law mediation is a process where both parties, their lawyers if they have them, and a mediator attempt to negotiate a resolution to all outstanding issues in the case.  The mediation can be face to face or in separate rooms with the mediator moving back and forth Read More


If you are served with a lawsuit. You will be fine, I promise. I get a lot of calls from panicked clients who were just served with a lawsuit, petition for divorce, domestic violence injunction, or some other type of family law matter. Here is what you do, stop by step. https://youtu.be/HvnRPgU24f8 What do you do when you have been served with a lawsuit? I am Patrick McGeehan, and I am a family law Read More

Representation Before An Arrest?

Sometimes, I have the opportunity to provide a client with representation before an arrest.  On those rare occasions where a client finds out they are the target of a criminal investigation, I have been very successful at mitigating criminal exposure.   Usually, these clients are involved in financial or white-collar crimes.  They discover the existence of an investigation from an employer, co-worker or by Read More

I always do this!

I always seal or expunge a criminal record of an eligible client at the close of their case. Sealing or expunging a criminal record is particularly important in domestic violence cases or any case that involves an arrest for a violent act. A criminal record can have life long consequences such as the denial of employment, housing, and constitutional rights. Read More

How does bail in Florida work!

Recently, I have been asked several times "How does bail in Florida work?A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter article and blog post about the difference between getting out of jail on bond ("a bail bond") and entering a pre-trial supervision program.  Since then, I see there are a lot of people that do not understand how the bond system works, so here is how it works. Each judicial circuit in Florida has a bond Read More

Criminal Defense Tip of the Day: If you have one of these, never, ever commit a crime!

https://youtu.be/G7akGvnh5eY Criminal Defense Tip of the Day! If you are out on pre-trial release, probation, or community control, and have one of these, never, ever commit a crime! For that matter, never commit a crime in the first place, and you will never have to worry about my Criminal Defense Tip of the Day! Here is another criminal defense tip for you. Like all my criminal defense tips, this Read More

Pets and Divorce: What Happens to Fido During a Divorce?

Is your pet part of your family? What happens to Fido or any pet during a divorce depends upon several factors. Family pets and divorce issues occur quite frequently. I am a dog guy, and if you are anything like me, my dog is part of my family. My Shephard/Rottweiler mix, Ike, is my constant companion, travel partner, fishing buddy, and sometimes confidant. He is a good boy, and I could not imagine life Read More

Video: Why I Do It.

Since I began posting videos on YouTube and social media, several clients have asked me why I give away free legal information. Well, in this video I explain the reason Why I do It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMMyFipBieM Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Your South Florida Lawyer, Patrick J. McGeehan,” for more videos explaining legal concepts in easy to understand terms. Return Read More

Interactions With The Police.

Every day, across the nation, citizens have millions of interactions with the police.  Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of those interactions are mundane and boring.   A very few result in a confrontation and even fewer yet end in violence.   Unless you are attending one of the many department-sponsored community outreach interactions with the police are usually based on a negative premise. Read More

Stress and Divorce, Management is Key.

Being successful at managing stress and divorce is paramount.   It is no secret, stress and divorce go hand in hand.  The ability to manage stress and divorce cannot be overstated. Added to that, allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or a host of other horrible claims and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed.  However, this stress can be successfully managed with some Read More

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