Video: Why I Do It.

Since I began posting videos on YouTube and social media, several clients have asked me why I give away free legal information. Well, in this video I explain the reason Why I do It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMMyFipBieM Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Your South Florida Lawyer, Patrick J. McGeehan,” for more videos explaining legal concepts in easy to understand terms. Return Read More

Interactions With The Police.

Every day, across the nation, citizens have millions of interactions with the police.  Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of those interactions are mundane and boring.   A very few result in a confrontation and even fewer yet end in violence.   Unless you are attending one of the many department-sponsored community outreach interactions with the police are usually based on a negative premise. Read More

Stress and Divorce, Management is Key.

Being successful at managing stress and divorce is paramount.   It is no secret, stress and divorce go hand in hand.  The ability to manage stress and divorce cannot be overstated. Added to that, allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or a host of other horrible claims and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed.  However, this stress can be successfully managed with some Read More

Florida DUI Arrest Part 2: The Absolute Must Do and a Good Outcome.

After a Florida DUI arrest, you have only ten days to try to save your driver's license.   A Florida DUI arrest will immediately trigger an administrative driver's license suspension process.  It is no secret that Florida has severe penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence.  Also, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida's D.M.V., will try to administratively suspend your Read More

Getting Out of Jail as Soon as Possible.

Getting out of jail as fast as possible is your number one concern.   Here is how it usually works.  Depending on the crime or crimes you are arrested for it could be awhile. Plan to spend an hour to several hours with the police officer or detective.  When they are done doing their paperwork, interviews, impounding property, or whatnot, they will eventually take you to the county jail.  The arresting officer Read More

Child Abuse and Neglect in Family Law Cases.

Many of our family law cases have allegations of child abuse or neglect.  The Florida Department of Children and Families is often involved in some way.  Frequently, there are also criminal charges pending. When the Florida DCF is involved. Reports of child abuse or neglect are investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families along with the police.  However, it is my Read More

Florida DUI Arrest: You have 10 days to do this!

Florida DUI Arrest: When you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Florida, you have ten days to request an administrative hearing. If you miss this ten-day time frame your driver's license will be automatically suspended. There are no exceptions, this is a heard and fast rule. See my video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVqEP4uN9JA Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Your South Read More

What if a parent stops paying child support?

Our law firm frequently receives calls from clients that an ex-spouse or partner that suddenly stopped paying child support.  Most times, when one parent suddenly stops paying child support, it can cause the receiving parent to experience financial difficulties.  Unfortunately, many parents rely on the other parent paying child support to provide the necessities for their children.  Also, these parents Read More

Who is the Right Lawyer for YOU?

Choosing the right lawyer for you is the most important decision you will make. If you are facing a divorce, child custody battle, or a criminal matter, chances are you have your plate full.  Add the additional task of finding the right lawyer for YOU and your case, and it can be overwhelming.  I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring the right lawyer for YOU.  Doing so can alleviate a lot of Read More

Prenuptial Agreement: How to keep love from biting you in the ….

Love is grand, but divorce is brutal.   Here comes that rabid divorce dog! Could the person you love turn against you and bite you like a rabid dog? Of course, but you can protect yourself from the divorce dog by having a prenuptial agreement in place before you get married. A lot of people think a prenuptial agreement is only for the rich.  That is not true!   A prenuptial Read More

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