Crime prevention tips from a Miami-Dade Police Officer

Fighting Back Against Crime

Crime prevention; don't become a victim

As a Miami-Dade Police Officer, a big part of my duties was to help people with crime prevention and avoidance. Unfortunately, most of this advice came after the crime and I responded to take the report.  

We all see regular news reports of violent crime in South Florida. The fact is that crime has been trending down for the last two decades.  Despite downward crime trends, there is still enough crime out there to cause us concern.  

Criminals are predators and seek out the easiest, weakest, or most distracted targets they can find.   That is why we do not regularly see bodybuilders, football players, and other typically large, physical people get robbed.  I’m sure it happens, but I can not think of any recent incidents.  It is always thelone person, at the ATM, or walking down the street who becomes the prey.  Criminals do not want a challenge. They want to take something from you and be gone with it,  usually.  Home invasion robberies are the exception.  

Since criminals are animals of opportunity, the surest way to thwart their efforts is to take away any chance to be victimized, crime prevention.  Criminals watch their victims for a time before launching an attack. Criminals look for routines, patterns, distractions, and opportunities. Following victims, stalking victims, and noticing subtleties to make sure the odds are in their favor before they strike.  

Crime prevention tips for you.


 From my experience, the number one, most significant deterrent to a residential burglary is a big barking dog roaming freely in the house.  I can not recall a single burglary call I ever handled where there was a big dog in the house.  If you do not have a big dog or do not want a big dog, there are other preventative measures you can take.  Vary your routine around your home, get to know your neighbors, trim all bushes well below the bottom of windows, and get a security system.  Only 1 in 5 homes have a security system, be one of the 1 in 5. Security cameras and RING doorbells are also good options.  


Most robbery victims are completely surprised by their attackers.  Most people have no clue what is going on around them and who is watching.  Having an essential awareness of your surroundings will go a long way to preventing robberies. Robbers look for their victims to be occupied or distracted, like putting groceries in your car or fumbling for your keys.  Avoid distractions and look around at the people in your area.  If you can sport a robber before he strikes, chances are the robber will look elsewhere.  

WORK PLACE CRIME PREVENTION  We have all heard the news about lawyers, especially family lawyers, being attacked by the opposing party in a case.  Workplace violence is a real thing.  I have done several security surveys for offices and law firms over the last few years.  

Harding security and crime prevention in your office is a must in today’s environment.  The first line of defense in most offices is a reception area that may or may not be staffed and a door.  Make sure your receptionist is versed in safety protocols, and the entrance to the back is always locked.  A security camera in the reception area will provide an additional measure of security as will a panic alarm.  Your office should have more than one door to an exterior hallway.  Once an attacker breaches the reception area and gains entry to the back offices, anyone there is a sitting duck.  Without a second door, everyone will be trapped, and the only other option is to defend yourself physically.  

For your family, employees, and neighbors, take precautions to keep crime away.

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