Divorce – Social Media Control is Key!

Social media is a big part of our culture.

Divorce - Social media control is key!

People post things on social media thinking it will not be seen by everyone. Some of your social media content can cause damage in your divorce, family law, or criminal case. Family law and domestic violence cases are particularly susceptible to problems with social media content. Anything you post on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or any other platform is public. It does not matter if you limit your content to friends.

I regularly check an opposing party’s social media presence looking for information to benefit my client.

I regularly get Requests for Production for social media, especially Facebook, activity.

When you are involved in a family or criminal law case, be very careful what you post on social media. If I am representing a client in a family law court case like divorce, paternity, or domestic violence case, I always request they cease posting all but the most boring social media content.

Remember, family law court cases are different from regular civil court cases. Social media content and activity can also be subpoenaed.


If you are going through a divorce, have child custody issues, or time-sharing issues, please do not put an ad on a dating site claiming to be single with no children. You would be shocked how often this happens.

If you need further family law advice, criminal law advice, or domestic violence law advice please contact a lawyer immediately. Family law terms can be difficult and most people will benefit from having a family law explained in a one on one setting with a lawyer.

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