Always do this in a Family Law or Domestic Violence case!

Always, Always, Always!

Family law, domestic violence, and criminal cases all have one big thing in common, they’re all emotional.

Emotions run very high in these cases because you are either battling against a former love one or trying to keep your freedom while the government is trying to take it away.

I have seen many cases where litigants were overcome with emotion and could not control themselves. They lashed out either physically or in some other self destructive manner.

One of the most frequent things I see where people hard their case and themselves is when they fire off that flaming email, text message, or social media post.

Worst case scenario is that they have just handed the other side a stick to beat them with.

Family law cases highly emotional cases.

Anytime you make a statement in an email, text, or social media post to a third party or publish it for the world to see, it can be used against you. Many people do harm to themselves in this way.

On the flip side, writing down your thought, feelings, and fears can be very therapeutic. Many therapist recommend writing letters to the person who cause you pain but never delivering them. The problem comes when you send the letters to someone else, either the target of the letter or some third party.

If you absolutely feel you must send such a letter, text, or any other form of communication to someone, send it to me. I will actually read it. The communication between a lawyer and a client is privileged and one will know the contents of your letter. You will feel better and most of all, not damage yourself in the process.

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No part of this video is to be considered legal advice. This video is for educational purposes only. No attorney/client relationship is formed from watching this video.

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