Using a GPS Tracker to Track Your Spouse?

Just don’t do it, using a GPS Tracker can land you in jail!

GPS trackers have lead to criminal charges!

GPS trackers are now small enough to hide anywhere. You can buy a GPS tracker on Amazon for a few dollars and track, with pretty good accuracy, anything that moves. It is very tempting to use a GPS tracker to follow a spouse. In some cases the tracking has risen to the level of staling, arrests are being made.

I always try to make my criminal defense and family law tips applicable to real issues and easy to understand.

My goal is to break down complex legal issues for you in every day, non-lawyer language. When family law is explained in easy to understand terms, people are better able to assess their case. Clients can make better decisions about the case and feel more involved in the case strategy. As always, my tips come from real criminal law and family law cases. They come from my experience as a lawyer and as a police officer.

Also, I am seeing a lot more family law cases involving secret recordings, GPS tracking, and active following. In a family law case, sometimes this is leading to allegations of stalking and harassment.

Modern GPS trackers are small and accurate.
Modern GPS tracker are small and accurate

I have defended and prosecuted family law cases involving secret recordings, GPS tracking, computer monitoring, computer traffic interception, and other technologically advanced methods.

In family law cases where one spouse has installed a tracking device on the other spouse’s car and it is discovered, arrests have been made. This is especially true and almost guaranteed that is you place a GPS tracker on a police car, you will get arrested.

The bottom line is: DO NOT use a GPS tracker to follow your spouse.

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