“A post-collision inspection of Officer Song’s police car revealed that the headlight switch was in the ‘off’ position, indicating that Officer Song likely did not have his headlights on while he was driving on the dark roads,” the news release stated. “Mr. Vizcaino had no chance to avoid the collision with the officer.”

As an expert in accident reconstruction, this statement, cited in the State Attorney’s news release, screams out at me. If the State is relying on the position of the light switch as significant evidence to support a vehicular homicide charge, there is a problem. I have investigated these crashes, have been retained as an expert on similar crashes and represented clients similarly charged. I have beat engineering experts in the field of accident reconstruction.

The State may very well have a solid case against this officer, that is not my experience, but maybe this time they got it right. A big part of my time as a Miami-Dade Traffic Homicide Detective was spent actually working for the State Attorney’s Office reviewing cases that were in prosecutorial jeopardy because of shoddy investigations. I have reinvestigated cases from FHP, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Miami where people were charged, and the actual facts of the crash did not support criminal charges. Conversely, I have seen cases where a defendant should have been criminally charged and was not.

If you think for a minute that the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office will not come after you extra hard because you are a police officer, I am here to tell you that you are wrong.¬†THEY WILL HANDCUFF YOU AND TAKE YOU TO TGK!

I represent a lot of cops, both civilly and criminally. When you are charged like this, your freedom, your job, your family, and your future are on the line.

If you are ever involved in a critical or fatal crash keep your mouth shut, do not talk to anyone about the crash before speaking to your lawyer. Call your lawyer immediately. Do not ever accept the State Attorney’s invitation to come down and “talk” about your case. This is an invitation to hang yourself. If the Department requires an administrative or IA statement, never go without a lawyer.

If you are a police officer involved in an on-duty critical or fatal crash and, for whatever reason, you can not get a union, association, PBA or FOP lawyer to COME OUT TO THE CRASH SCENE IMMEDIATELY, call me. No matter what time of day or night, if you are in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, or Monroe County, I will come! I WILL REPRESENT YOU ON SCENE, FOR FREE.

Likewise, no matter where you are at a police officer at, local or across the country, I will review your case with your lawyer and give my expert opinion for FREE.